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Here is a guide to better tackle camping holidays: from the most general tips to the tricks for the necessary equipment, you will find everything to plan and make your August holiday in a tent fun!

The campsite: what to know

For your summer holidays, or for an excursion in the middle of nature, camping tent holidays can be an adventurous experience and at the same time capable of giving great emotions. Of course, for those who are not accustomed or have never slept in tents at the beginning there could be some drawbacks: choosing the campsite, in fact, means giving up the most basic comforts, such as a bed, a private bathroom and running water.

 At the same time, however, the thrill of waking up in the open air and the pleasure of looking after themselves and their loved ones in the greenest way possible can be a compelling alternative to classic hotel vacations.

 However, organizing a holiday in a tent is not something to improvise: it is necessary to have the most suitable equipment, choose the right camping tent and know where and how to mount it; moreover, a discreet spirit of adaptation is required, because not everything could be simple, especially for those who are beginners; above all, you must be willing and ready to give up the comforts and many other common habits, such as the availability of a television or an internet connection.

If all this does not scare you, then you are already at a good point: by following some of the advice we will give later, you will have all the information you need to organize your August holiday in a tent.

The advantages of a camping tent vacation

 Perhaps it will surprise you to know that there are so many people who every year decide to spend their holidays or at least some periods at the campsite: crazy? Absolutely no! In fact, camping holidays offer a whole series of advantages and opportunities for entertainment that will not make traditional travels regret at all.

 But then, what should push you to choose a camping tent vacation? Surely there is the first reason of an economic nature: if you decide to take a trip in a tent, in fact, the most substantial expense depends on whether you decide to stay in an equipped campsite. Attention to this aspect: before deciding to tackle a campsite, in fact, it is necessary to read up on the costs to take advantage of already existing structures. But, having removed this item of expenditure, you travel practically for free: no expensive hotels, no rent of apartments, only the necessary to eat and move!

Another important aspect is total freedom of movement: you will not have large baggage to carry, only backpacks with the necessary clothing changes. For this reason, in a journey that involves travelling from one place to another, it will be much more practical and faster to be able to reorganize everything before leaving for the next destination!

 If you travel with your family, you can give your children a memorable experience, which they will probably talk about for months: you will offer children moments of contact with nature and you will be able to distract them from the excessive use of computers and video games, also restoring a genuine relationship with theirs.

 Finally, and surely it is the most important aspect, tent holidays represent a moment of total detachment from the stress of modern life, an opportunity to recover a dimension of relaxation, to slow down the pace and to enjoy a healthy contact with the wilder and more authentic nature: in fact, camping is certainly among the most ecological choices and, if you are attentive to these issues, you will have no greater satisfaction than totally immersing yourself in uncontaminated environments far from the city.

Select and install the best camping tent

It is one of the most important elements to keep in mind to organize a perfect camping holiday: choosing the tent that best suits your needs, in fact, represents an obstacle for those who know nothing about camping. A first suggestion is sure to turn to a specialized shop, able to be able to offer all the help possible in the choice of models and in the comparison of the prices.

Surely, before deciding which tent to buy, you should ask yourself how many people you need: if you travel alone or in pairs, in fact, you will have to choose a small to medium sized tent; on the contrary, if you want to sleep with other people, you will have to opt for a larger tent, from three to four seats. In addition to the number of campers, you should also consider the space needed to store luggage and camping equipment, so it is always better to choose a tent a little bigger than the actual needs.

 After deciding on the size, you need to understand the type of tent to buy. Also, in this case, you should consider the type of journey you would like to take and the needs to be faced. In summary, there are three fundamental models :

  • igloo curtains, which are characterized by ease of assembly and lightness, particularly suitable for those who move frequently during the journey;
  • t Canadian ended: this is the traditional tents, with a sloping roof, with most of the first space but with a greater positioning complexity;
  • tents: they are the most advanced models, sometimes equipped with separate areas inside and with an independent entrance, more suited to a higher number of people and, in particular, to families, but at the same time decidedly more complicated by the mount.

Do not forget also a weighting on the type of cloth and on the material that makes up the tent: in fact, if you plan to travel on foot and move from one place to another, you should prefer lighter curtains to load on the shoulder, but at the same time resistant enough to ensure impermeability and protection from the weather. The best materials to choose from are undoubtedly the polyester, while for the internal framework it is preferable to opt for fibreglass or aluminium posts.

The opposite is true of the assembly phase : regardless of the type of curtain, in fact, the models currently on the market are all inspired by the same concept, making operations even easier for newcomers. You will have to arm yourself with pegs to fasten the curtains, spread the mats on the floor and tie the curtain lining firmly: with a little practice, you will be able to do this within a few minutes. In case of need, however, you can always read the instructions carefully or watch some video tutorials: you will quickly find the way to mount the tent effectively in the shortest possible time.

The camping equipment

Clearly, after securing the shelter of the night, it is also necessary to consider that there is a whole series of items of equipment needed during the camping. Of course, sleeping in a tent can be fun, but not for this, you have to give up all modern conveniences!

 Among the accessories to be purchased for sure, in the first place is the sleeping bag: there are all sizes and with the most varied characteristics, but it is a necessary element especially if you decide to camp in the mountains or during the coldest seasons because it represents the best protection against thermal excursion.

 For the night you could also decide to buy a mattress, which can be either a sturdy cloth to lean on or an inflatable (but, in this case, you will also need to get an inflator).

 In addition to sleeping, of course you will have to eat: in most campsites there is a barbecue or common fires, but it is always worthwhile to get kitchen equipment . A camp stove, pots and steel utensils, a basin for washing dishes can be really useful. For short excursions you could consume canned or pre-cooked food, but it will certainly be preferable to equip yourself for cooking something better for longer trips. In this case, it could also be an idea to buy a camping table and thermal water bottles to store water and drinks to keep them cool.

 Get disposable shampoo and shower gel packs and other personal hygiene products for use in the bathrooms available in the equipped areas. Do not forget, finally, to always carry first aid accessories and essential medicines , for any eventuality.

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