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In this case, you will need to choose the campsite in which to stay. You will have to choose according to the budget available and your personal needs, but in this, you can help yourself by comparing offers on the Internet or by reading some specialized magazines, which periodically recommend the best camping facilities.

Free camping or camping?

Among the characteristics of a structure to be taken into consideration, there are some variables, including the possible availability of internal services, such as a food market, a restaurant, and so on. Check the  costs required for parking and the main conditions , including arrival and departure times, night-time silence obligations, parking availability, etc. Above all else, check that the structure has enough space to fit your tent, avoiding constantly exposed accommodations (especially in summer, it could be a tragedy!), Too close to public baths, soil quality and conditions. crowding of the equipped areas.

If, on the other hand, you feel ready to face the experience of a  journey on the road in full autonomy, surely free camping is the most economical, quiet and adventurous solution for your tent holidays. In this case, there is not much we can add: the main recommendation is to always keep any legislative bans under control, which could affect the area where you decide to stay overnight; moreover, watch out for safety: choose areas not frequented at night and with a good reputation among other campers! 

The best destinations for tent holidays

At this point, we could also review the incredible possibilities that a campsite offers compared to a traditional holiday: freedom and economy, in fact, will allow you to reach almost any type of destination.

If it’s summer, spending August in a tent could be the best experience of your life!  In particular, sea camping isis the most recommended for those who have never camped, since the dedicated facilities are larger and offer more varied services; moreover, there are no major inconveniences related to the climate and the search for activities and excursions.

 In this case, it is preferable to opt for those areas that have direct access to the sea, since the proximity to the beach will allow you to really feel at one with the beauty of the sea around you. In Italy, there are coastal campsites almost everywhere: it’s up to you to decide which destination you would like to reach for your August holiday in a tent!

Alternatively, mountain camping is also very popular: in this case, there is certainly a lower offer of dedicated facilities, but the reduced crowding and proximity to wooded areas or paths lost in the green could represent a reason capable of to convince even the most reluctant. In short, whatever the type of trip you have in mind, spending your  holidays on the campsite will allow you to live an unforgettable experience, which you will surely want to repeat again and again: with the right spirit and the most adequate equipment, you will not have any regret and savor adventures in full nature that will leave their mark!

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