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The Croatia is a favourite destination for Italian tourists and around the world.

It is one of the most popular places to spend holidays and it is not by chance that it is visited by an average of  15 million travellers every year. It would be easy to spend three, four, eight weeks or even more just to enjoy its spectacular coastline, incredible waterfalls and to visit its enchanting cities, but most of us are not so lucky. You only have a week and don’t want to lose the beauty of this gem of the Balkans? Are you in trouble because you have no idea what to visit in Croatia? Problem solved!  Let’s find out what to see in Croatia if you only have one week. The most beautiful places in Croatia are all here on this list.

What to see in Croatia 

All the wonders of Dubrovnik

Almost unknown to the world of tourism until twenty years ago and heavily damaged during the break-up of Yugoslavia, Dubrovnik has quickly become famous as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Balkans. The city offers incredible views from its walls, from the hill of Srd and from the fortress of Lovrijenac. Whether you want to go kayaking, relax on the beach or visit the monastery on the island of Lopud, Dubrovnik is always ready to ignite the charm and wonder in your eyes. Definitely one of the places to visit during your trip to Croatia.

Croatia what to see

Explore at least one of Croatia’s eight national parks

The most famous national park in Croatia is certainly the Plitvice Lakes National Park consisting of a series of 16 interconnected lakes. The trails that surround them can entertain nature lovers for days and days. The only downside? You cannot swim anywhere in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. If you really want to swim in front of the beautiful Croatian waterfalls, it is the case to go south to the  Krka National Park.

The  Krka National Park is extremely popular as well as for its beauty due to its proximity to the city of Split. It is certainly one of the things to see in Croatia. It is smaller than the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the biggest attractions can be covered in one day: these include its beautiful waterfalls. If you don’t have enough of Croatian nature yet you can try visiting one of the other six lesser-known national parks like the Mljet National Park and the Kornati Islands National Park.

What to see in Croatia

Relax in the coastal city of Zadar

What to see in Croatia in a week? Well,  Zara is one of the places not to be missed: a quiet and relaxed place, perfect for slowing down and taking a walk or a swim. It is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia: Roman ruins, delicious food and incredible sunsets. Zara is the ideal place to enjoy moments of pure relaxation and beauty.

The city is also famous for two unique spectacles of lights and sounds: the marine organ , which uses the movement of the waves of the Adriatic Sea to create music (it really sounds like an organ!) And the  salutation to the sun , a circle of 22 meters with a diameter of 300 glass panels that beautifully reflect light at sunset. Among the places to visit in Croatia is certainly one of the most magical.

Croatia what to see

Travel by car through Istria

The Croatian part of the ‘ Istria  is the perfect place for a journey full of breathtaking views of the Adriatic and dotted with charming towns, (the peninsula that Croatia shares with Slovenia and Italy)  l ‘ Istria is the ideal place for discover some of the most famous Croatian monuments, but also to stumble slightly off the beaten track . Don’t forget to visit the famous cities of  Rovinj and Pula while you are in the region – Pula is also home to a famous Roman Colosseum.

What to see in Croatia

Stay on an island

Is there anything better than a vacation on the island? Find a beautiful town (or a bigger city, more partying if it’s your passion), swim every day, take a snorkelling tour or a fishing tour if you want or just spend your days sunbathing and eating ice cream.

Hvar ,  Brac and  Korcula are some of the most famous touristy islands, but they are by no means the only options. There are also many villages where you can enjoy a little relaxation and solitude.

What to see in Croatia

Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful Split

The historic center of  Split was once the seat of the Roman emperor  Diocletian , who is said to have been so fascinated by the Split coast that he wanted to settle there. Of his historic stay remains the Diocletian’s Palace which today houses a museum, restaurants and souvenir shops. It is a fantastic place to walk and is full of winding and tiny streets that make the old town suggestive and timeless.

Split is also an easy starting point for day trips to Dalmatia, including the island of  Hvar , the Krka National Park and the magical Blue Grotto . All excellent destinations for your holidays in Croatia.

What to see in Croatia

Take a sailing trip along the coast

If you find it difficult to choose a destination and you don’t feel like organizing yourself with a rental car or staying behind bus times, the advice is to take the sea route.

If you have any doubts about what to see in Croatia, boat trips are a very popular solution  and are available in all price ranges and for all preferences, from family cruises to party boats. When you browse, the route taken takes on a completely different aspect in your mind – in return, of course, someone else will manage the show and decide how long you will stay in each destination. If you are looking to quickly visit the most beautiful places in Croatia, sailing could be the perfect option.

Whether you are looking to go on excursions, learn about history, enjoy the beaches or visit a bit of everything,  Croatia always has something for you to discover. Mix and match some destinations, or spend an entire week in one: in both cases the time spent in Croatia will leave an indelible memory inside you.

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