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Its rich history has its roots in the glorious era of the Maritime Republics that flourished in the Middle Ages. A city rich in culture and tradition, it is one of the favourite destinations of Italian and foreign tourists. For those wishing to visit, here is a useful guide on what to see in Genoa in a weekend.

What to do in Genoa

A weekend full of fun

If you go to Genoa, especially with children and you are looking for a diversion from historical and religious places, believe me, you are in the right place! In fact, in this wonderful city, there are numerous parks: from aquatic to entertainment, from adventure to theme.

The Aquarium of Genoa is the largest Italian aquarium, ranked first in the number of animals in the European ranking. Inaugurated in 1992 on the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America, it consists of 70 tanks that host about 15,000 animals, of which, 400 species are considered ‘special’. It should be kept in mind that the Genoa Aquarium also hosts numerous species of penguins, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and plant forms.

Both for this Aquarium, and for other parks, the prices are very cheap and, online, there are many discounts and offers.

Other places where to have fun in Genoa are clubs and discos. Two of the best-known nightclubs are  Il Clan, also famous for the notoriety of the owner, known presenter of Le Irene, and Cezanne Disco.

In addition to numerous nightclubs, Genoa also enjoys the presence of numerous meeting points, such as  Piazza delle Erbe known for its proximity to the Palazzo Ducale and for the presence of renowned locals of the Genoese Movida, such as  Il Corsaro Nero and Rufus and Black.

Even making a few purchases in stores and malls would not be a bad idea. One of the most popular shopping centres in the city is the Fiumara, which has a multiplex cinema, a bar, one hundred and twenty shopping stores, supermarkets, amusement arcades and areas for children: there, fun is guaranteed!

Genoa places of interest

A weekend to discover the art and culture of Genoa

In addition to the presence of numerous entertainment venues, the Ligurian capital enjoys the presence of historical sites that allow us to reconstruct the ancient history of this place.

Being Genoa a port city, what better opportunity to visit its most famous ports? Among the things to see in Genoa, there is certainly  Porto Antico, one of the most important tourist centres, even if it is currently an inhabited area not far from the historic centre.

Another place to visit is the  Cathedral of San Lorenzo, built in Romanesque style around 1100. It has become very important over time due to the presence of relics of people who built Genoese history and its colours, which have become the symbol of the city.

For those who are fond of music, we mention the  Jazz Museum, a spacious room in the Ducal Palace designed and founded in 2000 by the Louisiana Jazz. In it, there are about ten thousand vinyl records, CDs, tapes, cassettes and videotapes.

Among the things to see in Genoa, some buildings belonging to aristocratic families of the time of Genoa deserve attention, such as  Palazzo Rosso. This palace once housed the Brignole family but is currently an art gallery where, from the top floor, you have a breathtaking view of the city.

In Genoa there are also many sacred buildings to visit: the  Basilica of Santa Maria Castello , the Church of the Gesù and the Saints Ambrogio and Andrea , the  Cloister of the Canons of San Lorenzo , the Cathedral of Genoa (Cathedral of San Lorenzo) , the Church of San Siro , the  Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte , the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta of Carignano , the Parish of St. John the Evangelist of Pré  are main examples of the most illustrious and known religious sites.

Even the cemeteries are quite visited places, especially those where famous people have been buried. The most important cemetery in the city of Genoa is  Il Cimitero di Staglieno. This cemetery is the largest monumental burial site in Europe.

A weekend to discover the Genoese nature

Another alternative to spend a weekend in Genoa, is to organize a campsite , to discover the Genoese nature. The most famous campsites in the area are  Camping Genova Est and Il Campeggio Villa Doria . These campsites have a very helpful staff, which does not stop at any problem. From the places where these structures are located, you can quickly and easily reach the historic city centre.

The Ligurian capital overlooks the crystalline water of  the Ligurian Sea . It would be a good idea to spend a weekend between dips, swims, and sand castles, especially if you are with children!

The best times to visit Genoa

If you are looking for tranquillity and tranquillity, the summer period is absolutely not recommended, as summer is the season when there is the greatest influx of tourists; the recommended period is, in this case, the one going  from November to the beginning of March, despite being a period in which the rainfall rate is average and the temperatures below the average.

Instead, for those who like to get lost among the people under the scorching sun, perhaps enjoying a local summer specialty, the period from  April to September is recommended , where good weather will surely be on your side. Considering also the economic factor, it must be said that in summer there are many more offers than in other seasons, especially winter and autumn.

A tip would be to evaluate the various offers available online.

Holidays in Genoa

During the festive periods there is an air of parades and creative activities in Genoa, ideal elements for those who decide to visit this wonderful city. At Carnival (in the period between February and March), numerous parades and activities are organized for children who give color to the city. During the various festivals many local gastronomic specialties are offered. For the  Feast of San Giovanni , patron saint of the city, numerous marches and bonfires are made in Piazza Matteotti.


Since Genoa is a city that welcomes many tourists, in recent years many Bed & Breakfasts have been born. Depending on your budget, you can stay in different places. These B & Bs have been a great revolution because, with little, you can also stay in the city center.

Those who, on the other hand, have more money can opt for hotels. The most famous hotel is  The Grand Hotel Savoia, an elegant hotel whose structure dates back to the nineteenth century. It is equipped with a free wi-fi line, an efficient SPA, a minibar, a terrace, a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, ampiod parking, air conditioning, room service, laundry services and of large rooms, with balconies, whirlpool baths and classically furnished.

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